Veepee|ad chooses CitrusAd to accelerate the deployment of its Retail Search strategy

Paris, January 2022.

After several months of competition, Veepee|ad, Veepee's Retail Media solution, has selected CitrusAd, a leading technology platform designed for retailers, to deploy its search media strategy and diversify its on-site advertising offer.

The CitrusAd retail media platform will contribute to the implementation of dedicated advertising spaces on the Veepee marketplace, offering visibility and conversion opportunities to the numerous partner brands. With 4.5 million unique daily visitors, 7,000 partner brands and 105 million products sold in 2021, Veepee is the pioneer and leader in event-driven sales in Europe, and its advertising network Veepee|ad is a key player in the retail media. 


The partnership between CitrusAd and Veepee|ad will initially involve the deployment of the CitrusAd platform in France, thus meeting Veepee|ad's objective of enriching its on-site advertising offer with sponsored products and displays throughout the search path. Veepee|ad's partners will be able to pre-empt certain key locations on the Veepee marketplace, while benefiting from visibility on the Veepee homepage thanks to the "Pink Card" advertising format. CitrusAd's unified platform will allow brands to capitalize on Veepee's first-party data for off-site audience extension campaigns, driven by the Adot activation platform, a subsidiary of Veepee.


Founded in 2017, CitrusAd is the Retail Media technology partner for over 130 retailers in 30 countries. CitrusAd enables brands, retailers and marketplaces to optimize their advertising investments and revenues. The CitrusAd platform allows diversification of advertising channels and formats, while finely targeting audiences. The visibility gain thus obtained increases brand awareness and sales. The platform, simple, flexible and self-service, will provide Veepee|ad partners with real-time reporting on search media advertising performance and ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).


"We are very pleased to partner with Veepee|ad to support their new ambition in Retail Search. Driven by an iconic e-commerce platform, one of the first French unicorns, Veepee|ad is a leader in retail media in France, and we look forward to combining our strengths to further enhance the user experience on Veepee's site and create value for their partner brands," said Thibault Hennion, CitrusAd executive sponsor. 

Retail Media, considered the third wave of digital marketing according to eMarketer, consists of connecting brands, buyers and retailers through advertising on ecommerce sites or through audience extension campaigns based on retailers' first party data. In France, the retail media market grew by 31% in the first half of 2022, according to the Observatoire de l'e-pub, and will account for 25% of global digital media spending by 2026, according to the Boston Consulting Group. 

"We are delighted to have chosen CitrusAd as our technology partner to help us deploy our Retail Search strategy. This is an essential step that will allow brands and agencies to be closer to the buying act of our 50 million members. The native association with our proprietary activation platform (Adot) will allow our partners to buy, at the same time, our on-site inventories and off-site advertising campaigns to accelerate their sales" comments Thomas Kouck, CEO Veepee|ad and Adot. 

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