Audi Hybrid

Q3 & A3 .

This campaign was awarded the " Drive-To-Concession Campaign " prize at the Digilocales 2022 Golden Cases and the " Drive-To-Store Campaign " prize at the 2022 Marketing Trophies.

The context .

With more than 30 years of research into electrified powertrains, Audi continues to expand its range of plug-in hybrid vehicles. The German carmaker called on Adot to maximize the awareness and visibility of its Q3 and A3 hybrid models, through a drive-to-concession and multi-local strategy.

The Adot solution .

In order to mobilize an ultra-affluent audience and increase traffic to the 145 Audi dealerships in France, Adot, in collaboration with Ekstend Group, has implemented a powerful scripting strategy through the activation of three complementary levers: Digital Out Of Home, Audio and Mobile Display. This multi-local and multi-levers strategy was enriched by the activation of several exclusive and complementary data clusters.

The device .

In addition to activating the three levers individually to observe their respective performances, we have set up a unified measurement of the different levers to evaluate their combinatorial effect in order to learn from them and identify the best combination in terms of incremental visits to dealerships. A completely innovative system: this type of mechanism -scripting enriched by data- can be adapted to other industries and on other meetrics than Drive-to-store (branding or performance). 

Step 1 - Audience Modeling

By leveraging Adot's unique dataset, i.e. Veepee's socio-demographic and transactional data and Adot's semantic and geolocation data, we were able to precisely address :

  • men and women over 35 years old and CSP+.
  • Internet users involved in automotive operations and buyers of automotive equipment
  • Internet users who consult articles related to automotive news (release of new electric/hybrid models, test drives, etc.)
  • Profiles that have visited Audi dealerships and competing brands in the past three months.

Step 2 - Scripting

Then, we established an impactful and innovative scripting strategy by activating three complementary levers that made it possible to work on the visibility of the products and to amplify the memorization of the offer in place:

1 - A DOOH activation, with our technological partner Displayce, DSP specialist in DOOH, to generate interest and draw attention to the two new Audi models.

For two weeks, the campaign was visible through 4 to 5 impactful screen formats, located in the immediate vicinity of Audi network dealerships. Thus, the brand was able to penetrate new urban locations visited by the target.

2 - An Audio activation, with a pre-roll streaming and podcast format, which allowed to multiply the contact points throughout the purchase path, by arousing the interest and curiosity of the audience.

3 - Display activation, specifically video interstitial, MPU and banner, with a branding and performance objective.

This Display activation was 100% mobile, in order to multiply audience engagement and ensure geolocation accuracy.

The main objective was to encourage Internet users to go to the dealership closest to their location to discover these car models.

The results .

Drive to concessions:

Through an analysis of the impact of the entire campaign in terms of engagement and traffic, Adot's third-party measurement partner Adsquare, which specializes in mobile and location data processing, has demonstrated some very strong results:

  • 96%+ uplift uplift on the campaign
  • The DOOH generates the best visit rate: 1,21 %
  • The display generates the most incremental visits: 89%.
  • The combination Audio + DOOH generates the most incremental dealership visits

A remarkable collaboration:


A remarkable collaboration:

  • 7,1M impressions distributed in DOOH
  • 4,7M of people referred
  • 94% audio completion rate
  • 3,65% average click-through rate on the interstitial

Insights .

In addition to a detailed campaign report, Adot's Insights teams delivered an "Audience Profiling" to Audi, allowing them to precisely decipher the profile of Internet users engaged during the Drive-to-Store display phase (age, gender, SPC), as well as the product categories and brands that this audience favors. This study represents a real asset to address Audi's target audience in the best possible way and to optimize the brand's next communication campaigns.


Thanks to the combined expertise of Adot and Ekstend Group, the media innovation implemented allowed us to work on the visibility of our vehicles, to seduce and engage prospects through different contact points and formats, and to generate incremental traffic in the dealership. Very satisfying results, which allow us to envisage very nice optimizations on our next communication campaigns."" Elise Gourdin, Network Marketing Manager, Audi

"By combining these three powerful levers of DOOH, audio and Display Drive-to-store, we accompanied the audience throughout their purchase journey, from interest to the dealership visit. With an audio completion rate of 94% and an average CTR on the interstitial of 3.65%, the performance and engagement objectives were achieved!" Arnaud Lagier, Sales Director, Adot