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This campaign won the "Mobile-to-store" prize at the Digilocales 2022, as well as the "Web-to-store and Data" prize at the Datafestival 2022, two ceremonies organized by the Cas d'Or du Digital.

The context .

Naturactive, a brand specializing in aromatherapy and herbal medicine, called on Adot, in partnership with Spark Foundry, to launch their first digital campaign " Drive to Pharmacies ".

The objective .

Generate traffic in pharmacies and parapharmacies to boost sales of Doriance Self-Tanning and Protection.

The solution .

Modeling affinity audiences: addressing the right target

The creation of innovative advertising formats: to attract attention and ensure that the message is retained

100% mobile media activation: for geo-targeting

The device .

Step 1

Using our multiple data sources, we were able to create the " Beauty Centric " affinity profile that we will target for the campaign:

Socio-demographic data: Women 25-54 years

Transactional data: Visitors and buyers of beauty and cosmetic products

Behavioral data: Interest in media content related to aromatherapy, herbal medicine and tanning

Geolocation data: All Internet users located around more than 2,000 pharmacies and parapharmacies in France 

Step 2 

We activated ad formats adapted to the target audience and its environment using the brand's creations: interstitial" format, "square" format, "banner" format.


These formats were then enriched using DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization) to contextualize the message according to the weather to arouse the interest of the target:

- When it rains: the commercial is on the self-tanner

- When it's sunny: the advert is about sun protection

And in a second time according to the geolocation to boost traffic at the point of sale: the consumer sees a page with a map and an address of the nearest point of sale to buy the product(s).

The Insights .

In addition to precise targeting and media activation, Adot's Insights team provided:

- An analysis of visits generated in pharmacies and parapharmacies in order to decipher the behavior of the of the audience: according to hours, according to day, analysis of time spent...

- An "audience profiling" to deepen the knowledge of the target by analyzing the media and e-commerce profile of the device's participants, and optimize future campaigns on the Doriance product: what do they like, what content do they consult, on which sites do they go, what do they buy?

"The support of Adot and the Spark Foundry agency has enabled Naturactive, a brand of the Pierre Fabre group, to obtain effective media results thanks to a to Pharmacy and DCO weather.

Indeed, different versions of the creatives were broadcast according to the weather at the location where the user was exposed. This personalized campaign allowed Naturactive to reach +1.2M unique users and to generate a uplift of 104% or about +25k incremental visits. All this, for a cost per visit less than 1€.says Bastien Bonnet, Business Partner at Adot.


Pierre Fabre


Spark Foundry