Nice .

The context .

IKEA, the famous Swedish furniture and decoration brand, called on Adot, Quartier M and KR Wavemaker to support its communication campaign for the opening of its new store in Nice.

The objective .

IKEA wanted to promote the opening of its new store in Nice and encourage an affinity audience of "Furniture and decoration" to visit it.

The solution .

In two phases, Adot ran a geolocalized campaign on all premium publishers, targeting the city of Nice, in the Alpes-Maritimes department and in the PACA region, given the brand's regional reach.

The device .

Audience Modeling: 

We re-created, thanks to our exclusive dataset, the IKEA "Déco Lovers" persona that we targeted for the campaign. 

- Socio-demographic data: 20-55 years old

- Transactional data Profile with an interest in decoration and interior design

- Behavioral data Profile : Profile consulting contents related to bedding and living room furniture and good house plans

- Geolocation data: Visitors from competing stores in the catchment area

Media Activation .

The campaign took place in 2 phases: branding and drive-to-store. 


Phase 1: 

Cross-device activation of the wrap and wide angle formats to generate interest and event the opening of the new store in Nice.

Phase 2: 

100% mobile activation of interstitial, MPU and banner formats to generate in-store visits.


+ Retargeting of the engaged people from phase 1 "branding", during phase 2 "drive-to-store".

The results .

This campaign was based on a strong repetition to work on the presence in mind and to incite the affinity audience to discover and visit the new IKEA store in Nice. 

The campaign achieved good media performance, with : 

- 76% of visits are incremental

- 76% visibility rate (on average)

- 1.1M people reached in the catchment area




KR Wavemaker | Quartier M