The context .

The Top Gun collection has been part of IWC's Pilot's Watch line since 2007. Since then, advanced materials have been the hallmark of Top Gun, giving these timeless watches their distinctive technical look. In 2022, IWC launched 5 new colored ceramic watches in collaboration with Pantone.

To promote this new Top Gun collection, IWC Schaffhausen has chosen Adot and EssenceMediacom to launch its international advertising campaign in 13 countries. 


The device .

The campaign was scripted in 3 phases in order to promote the new Top Gun collection and generate traffic on the brand's website.

Prior to the media activation, a collaborative "Creative Kitchen" workshop was organized by Adot with EssenceMediacom and IWC to design innovative and relevant formats for each phase of the campaign. All advertising formats were translated into the language of the country concerned and developed in several versions according to the 5 colors of the watches.

The objective of the first phase was to tease the launch of the new Top Gun collection

To arouse the curiosity of exposed audiences, our in-house studio designed enriched pre-roll formats including a DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization) countdown.

The campaign targeted 3 profiles, built with our exclusive dataset:

  • Luxury Actives: profiles that browse content related to art, design, business, economics and finance, travel and luxury goods.
  • Watch Enthusiasts: profiles that view content related to luxury watches, IWC and other watch houses.
  • IWC Store Locations: mobile users located near IWC stores in all targeted countries.

The second phase aimed to generate engagement with the new collection andand generate qualified traffic to the IWC website.

For this, 3 formats were designed: MPU, pre-roll and skin, to reveal and enhance the 5 colors of the collection: sand color "Mojave", dark green "Woodland", snow white "Lake Tahoe", matt black "Ceratanium" and deep black "Jet Black".

The targeting strategy was similar to the teaser phase: Luxury Actives, Watch Enthusiasts, IWC Store Locations. In addition, presentations made during the first phase were retargeted.

The third and final phase aimed to generate more awareness and engagement with this iconic collection iconic collection.

To capture the audience's attention, 3 new formats (MPU, animated half-page and interactive pre-roll) were designed based on the commercial with brand ambassador Tom Brady.

In order to encourage the audience to discover this new collection, the MPU and pre-roll formats highlighted the watch's manufacturing details. All the formats redirected the visitors to the IWC website and the product pages of the presented watches.

In the context of the upcoming disappearance of third-party cookies and in order to test and compare several targeting strategies, we have implemented a user-centric approach: Luxury Actives, IWC Store Location and retargeting of engaged audiences; combined with a contextual approach, based on URLs containing specific keywords such as IWC, Top Gun, luxury, luxury watches, etc.

The results .

A multi-country campaign in 3 powerful phases: 

All KPIs such as CPVV, CPE, CPR* exceeded the initial objective, on average we obtained a CPVV and CPE between 30 and 50% lower than those defined at the beginning of the campaign. Depending on the country, the completion rate reached more than 80% for phase 1, the visibility rate reached 75% for phase 2 and similar performances were observed between user-centric and contextual targeting in the last phase.

In addition to a detailed campaign report, by country, by phase, by audience and by format, Adot's Insights teams also helped IWC understand their audiences through :

-Audience Profiling, which allows us to precisely decipher the profile of Internet users engaged during each phase of the campaign
-A post-test study, which measures campaign recall, engagement and interest in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Korea
-An audience report analyzing organic traffic versus traffic generated by the campaign in the United Kingdom and the United States

*CPVV Cost Per Video View | CPE : Cost Per Engagement | CPR : Cost Per Reach