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The campaign .

During the Nestlé Spécial.T campaign, one of Nestlé's main products, Adot was able to effectively measure the impact that the advertising campaign had on the people who were targeted.

+ 3 pts

on brand awareness

+ 10 pts

of intention to buy

The context .

The Nestlé brand worked with Adot to measure the effectiveness of their campaign for the Nestlé Spécial.T product. During this campaign, Adot set up a specific protocol by analysing two metrics: the exposure rate and the post-exposure purchase intention.

The objective was to know concretely the impact of the campaign on the targeted audience beforehand and if this large-scale campaign allowed them to make a purchase.

To evaluate the impact of this advertising, we have designed a protocol consisting of two distinct phases:

1. The creation and distribution of a specific questionnaire

Following the campaign activation, a tailor-made questionnaire for Nestlé Spécial.T was designed in order to find out the impact of the campaign both on brand recall and on the incentive to make a purchase on the profiles exposed.

2. A thorough analysis of the results

Once the results were obtained, a precise analysis was carried out which allowed us to measure the impact of the campaign on the reached profiles by the Nestle Special T campaign. Finally, we compared the obtained results with a representative control group. The objective was to be able to have reliable and representative data.

The results .

For this campaign, the following results were obtained: