Energize .

This campaign received the " Personalization Award" and the " Grand Jury Prize " at the DataFestival 2022 organized by the Cas d'Or.

The context .

The iconic brand of natural mineral water, PERRIER®, has put all the power of its famous bubbles in PERRIER® Energize, the first organic energy drink with caffeine extracted from green coffee beans and yerba mate. In order to boost the visibility of this amazing drink, Adot and the Zenith agency accompanied the brand in its branding communication campaign by proposing an original device.

The device .

The reconstruction of the 5 marketing targets of PERRIER® Energize thanks to our exclusive dataset, and the ultra-personalization of the messages or creative formats by our studio, allowed PERRIER® Energize to truly engage their affinity audiences:

1 | Sport addict 

Targeting: Profiles with an attraction for intensive sport.

  • Profiles with an interest in sports equipment and gym memberships.
  • Profiles that view content related to crossfit, sports events, crossfit gyms, sports influencers and sports performance focus applications.
  • Profiles that visit crossfit gyms, large gyms and crossfit related events/competitions. 

Following this methodology, we have modeled the following set of profiles.

Sport Addict profiles are looking for a a stimulating drink capable of giving them energy during their sports training.

Creative 2 cross-device pre-roll formats with an message adapted for Sport Addicts.

2 | Sport Addicts low impact 

Targeting: Profiles with an appeal to "low impact" sports "sports and healthy eating.

Low Impact Sports profiles are looking for a stimulating drink capable of giving them energy during exercise, while having a healthy composition.

Creative 2 cross-device pre-roll formats with an message adapted for Low Impact Sport Addicts.

3 | Hardworkers

Targeting: Profiles with a fast-paced lifestyle.

They are looking for a drink that will give them energy throughout the day.

Creative 2 cross-device pre-roll formats with an message adapted for Hardworkers.

4 | Energy seekers 

Targeting: Profiles that regularly consume coffee or coffee or energy drinks.

They are looking for an alternative to the coffee and energy drinks they frequently consume.

Creative: 2 interstitial formats interactivefor coffee or energy drink lovers, to interact with these key these key targets.

5 | Urban 

Targeting and distribution Profiles that are rather dynamic and who live in the city.

The challenge was to to capture their attention according to the time of day.

Creative: 3 interstitial formats with a message adapted according to the time of day.

The results .

Broadcast during 1 month, this campaign obtained results. On average, the pre-roll formats obtained a completion rate of over 78%. (Sport addicts: 78.5%; Sport addicts Low Impact: 76.8%; Hardworkers: 78.8%) and 5.3% click-through rate on the interstitial formats (Energy seekers: 5.5%; Urbanites: 5.1%).

Such results demonstrate the relevance of to adapt the message or creative formats according to the target audience.

In addition to a detailed campaign report, Adot's Insights teams also supported PERRIER Energize in the understanding of their audiences through a profiling. The various lessons learned have enabled the brand to feed its marketing personas.

Finally, the creative formats and the enriched marketing personas have been reactivated in a second second campaigncampaign, broadcast in September.