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experience .


The campaign .

Samsung, as part of the launch of the new S10 smartphone, managed to collect more than 95 million IDs and identify more than 20,497 Switchers during the media campaign.


million IDs collected

20 497

Identified switchers

The context .

Samsung is launching its new Galaxy S10 smartphone range in 2019, a model offering a premium experience to its users. As part of this launch, the Korean brand has partnered with Adot and Starcom to better understand the new consumption behaviours of its users, by identifying and analyzing there usage.

To meet these objectives, we evaluated the impact of the initial media plan on the switch. To do so, we identified the switchers' profiles towards the new smartphones and thus defined their segments.

Within the framework of the media campaign, Adot, in conjunction with Starcom, was able to identify the switchers' profiles and define the segments corresponding to these profiles. This identification of profiles was done by collecting exposed IDs and synchronizing/matching them with Adot's DMP. Precise marketing segments were thus identified.

The results .

The following results were obtained for this campaign conducted with the Starcom agency: