Choosing Adot (formerly Adotmob) is to choose a polyvalent adtech player, not only a cross-device or mobile-first advertising player, but mostly a growing data player with proficiency across the board. Our knowledge and proprietary technologies crafted in-house allow us to:

  1. Target the right audience thanks to our multiple data sources;
  2. Activate an audience through innovative programmatic media campaigns strategies;
  3. Identify the profile and the behaviour of an audience engaged to an advertising message;
  4. Learn more about media operations in order to bring relevancy to the next campaigns.

Adotmob was a specialist of mobile-first advertising until 2017, when its range of solutions broadened. Now, Adot (formerly Adotmob) is a cross-device mobile first solution that allows advertisers to reach their audience across devices. Compared to Adotmob, Adot is a shorter and easier name to remember. Moreover, Adot is easier to pronounce, which fits with our international development in Spain, Italy and in the UK.


Adot (formerly Adotmob) uses both online and offline data sources.

Thanks to its exclusive partnership with Veepee, Adot (formerly Adotmob) has access to a pool of exclusive e-commerce data: declared socio-demographic data and e-commerce intent data.

Our last online data source arises from our earned bid requests, that allows the company to identify navigation media patterns, in particular through the analysis of keywords based on the visited pages and media interest by topic.

Lastly, Adot (formerly Adotmob) owns geolocation data generated through proprietary technology integrated in partners’ mobile apps.

At Adot (formerly Adotmob), we value privacy. We believe data protection can sustain valuable campaigns and insights for our customers. This is why we work hard to ensure to both our customers and our media partners with a track record in managing data protection matters.

We use data in a manner that is both respectful for users and providing value to advertisers at any time in their campaigns.

Adot (formerly Adotmob) has developed its own technology, embedded in several partners’ mobile applications in order to collect GPS anonymized data from multiple users who have consented to do so. This technology is accurate to a range of 5 to 10 meters. It allows us to define relevant users points of interest during advertising campaigns and measure the impact of a drive-to-store media campaign on the physical world.


According to your strategy our creative studio achieves any standard IAB formats from these 4 axes: classic display, rich media, video and native. Adot (formerly Adotmob) creatives are actionable on every inventory and can be enriched according to your specifications.

Media Insights

Adot (formerly Adotmob) Insights Team analyses your engaged audience after a media campaign and identify their profile, shopping interests, online behaviours and much more, in order to define accurate marketing personas.