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Benefit from a full picture of your audience

Our mascot Tod is proud of our data technology.
Data storage computer and phone

Our data is unmatched in granularity, reliability, and accuracy and not available anywhere else

Our unique variety of online and offline data sources allows us to solve the challenge of customer identity and generate actionnable knowledge for brands. 

All our data is used in our three purposes: media, studies, and analytics.

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Log-level data at scale

Adot (formerly Adotmob) benefits from an exclusive access to Veepee’s 100% log-level, anonymised declarative socio-demographic and e-commerce data.

75 million members around the world.

30+ industries represented: Cosmetics, Automotive, Fashion, Travel, FMCG and more.

7000+ partner brands.

Data buildings
Adot collects data through media buying that we are able to translate into useful information.


Users interests and behavioural data

We collect data through media buying that we are able to translate into useful information about users’s media interests and navigation behaviours.

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Geolocation data

Our geolocation technologies enable us to collect accurate and reliable location data under user consent and identify relevant offline behaviours & store visits.

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Geolocation data allow us to identify relevant offline behaviours.

Gather relevant information and bridge the gap between digital and physical.