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Using technology to generate knowledge and create experiences

Tod uses our unique proprietary technology in order to generate knowledge and create experiences.

Creating cutting-edge technologies

Adot (formerly Adotmob) aims at offering agencies and brands a data-driven technological suite crafted in-house.

Adot cross-device DMP

Proprietary cross-device matching and attribution algorithm

Media navigation patterns

Semantic engine

Log-level data at scale

Geolocation data

Adot detains his own cross-device DMP.
Adot detains his own creative studio.

Creative provider

In-house creative studio

Harnessing creative technologies (IAB Standards, VPAID, VAST, DCO, …)

Proprietary media buying engine

Cross-device and cross-channel infrastructure (mobile, video, DCO, desktop)

Media buying optimisation tools

Reach-on target

Brand safety and ad viewability

Adot detains his own proprietary media buying engine.