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Tod is analyzed because Adot identifies and targets advertisers consumers.

We want to help you go beyond media

We consider digital advertising as a tool to acquire knowledge about your audiences and consumers. We work for agencies and brands by delivering mobile-first cross-device advertising campaigns using an insight-driven approach, and guide them step by step.

Mobile Phone Advertising Screens
Grâce aux données exclusives d'Adot, nos équipes peuvent cibler finement des audiences pertinentes.


Our exclusive data allows us to help advertisers achieve an unmatched targeting quality.

Through our multiple online and offline data sources and unprecedented deterministic matching capabilities, we are able to identify marketing personas in an extremely precise fashion. 

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Examples of deterministic targetings

Media activation

Deliver innovative creatives across devices.

We design state-of-the-art experiential creatives with unique features to establish genuine connections between brands and consumers, and answer our clients’ objectives such as branding, performance or drive-to-store.

Use our interactive display, native, video, DCO and rich media formats to connect with your audiences on all devices and across premium inventory.

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Nous délivrons des expériences créatives innovantes en cross-device.

Example of creative experience

Discover how to Adot creates the bot for Deezer Flow.
Après chaque campagne la team insights en apprend toujours plus sur votre audience afin de mieux vous accompagner sur la prochaine campagne.

Campaign insights

We guide our clients campaign after campaign.

From the beginning to the end of their digital marketing strategies, we provide them with powerful insights so that they can increase their knowledge and harness the power of programmatic media advertising to its full potential.
Identify your engaged audiences, their profile, interests, online and offline behaviours and much more.

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