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Knowledge is everything

Tod analyzes profiles in order to improve consumer knowledge.

We help our clients improve their consumer knowledge

By using our exclusive and unique data pool, we create digital marketing studies to identify audiences, marketing personas and/or specific industries.

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Advertiser 1st party data study

Understand who your audience is. 

Define a clear target audience using your CRM base and/or your website.

Website traffic analysis

Comprenez qui est votre audience.
Découvrez les comportements d'achat de votre audience.

Consumer behaviour study

Learn more about your industry and your consumers’ behaviours.

Analysis of a specific target audience or persona

Create surveys to digitally identify audiences’ profile based on deterministic panels

Comparative analysis of two segments

Geomarketing study

Gather useful knowledge through geolocation data to fine-tune your marketing strategies.

Understand who your brick and mortar customers are

Build detailed profiles and personas of people visiting your stores and compare it to your competitors

Choose a specific area and identify its residents

Analysez les comportements de vos clients dans votre magasin.