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Deezer Case Study

Raise brand awareness through innovative mobile creative ad

Deezer is a French music player. For one month, between April and May 2017, Deezer promoted its new tech feature called “Flow”. Flow offers a personal soundtrack you might need: all your music, mixed with old favorites and new recommendations picked just for you, in one infinite stream.


The strategic objectives

There were two main goals, enhancing brand awareness toward “Flow” and reaching unique mobile users, therefore two issues were considered:

  1. How to raise brand awareness towards the new Deezer’s service (Flow) by showing its value proposition and make users understand: the user-centered experience and the customized service regarding users’ behavior?
  2. How to promote a tech feature (the Flow recommendation algorithm) through an innovative mobile creative ad?

The solution

In order to answer to these issues, Adot (ex Adotmob) personified creatively the Flow feature through an innovative Adbot with customized content in real-time depending on user’s profile, feedback, and interactions. Adot (ex Adotmob) tried to give the best illustration of Flow by using the concept of artificial intelligence thanks to a chatbot.


Also, even though the campaign is fully dedicated to branding efforts, Deezer is a company known to be ROI driven. In that regards, we created two tailored measurement features:

  • Retention: 3 seconds pasted on the creative – Retention rate
  • Completion: Completed experience – Completion rate

The campaign insights

At last, the secondary goal was to give insights to Deezer concerning the audience engagement toward « Flow », how it is used and which audience (profile & interests) are keener to use it after being exposed to the creative. These insights would help the brand to build a pool of qualitative data to reengage it on a next advertising operation.



The creative strategy

We had access to Deezer API in order to tailor the music recommendations with data concerning: beats per minute (classified in 4 categories) for mood, kind of music, artists reference and audio samples.

We displayed rich media interstitial and expand banner calling in real-time the Deezer API for a content updated according to user’s answers.

The campaign was delivered on both universes such as in-app and mobile web on premium publishers fully compatible with our target audience (sport, entertainment, youth, trendy, …).

The targeted audience

Our intended target audience was urban and mixed about 25-45 years old. Thanks to our exclusive declarative data from (the leader of flash sales in Europe), we can assure to deliver on target 25-45 by using a significative lookalike modelling with vente-privee’s members. We geolocated the top 30 French cities and top 20 cities in United Kingdom and Germany.


3 000 000 unique views were registered for this campaign. If you want to know more about the retention rate and the completion rate for France, Germany and United Kingdom, please download the full report.

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