is in the air .



is in the air .


The campaign .

The Air France branding campaign carried out with the agency KR Wavemaker enabled the new application made available to Air France travellers to be highlighted through videos on cross-devices.

+ 2 200 000

videos viewed at 100%

+ 6%

average completion rate

The context .

France's leading airline is facing ever tougher competition in passenger air transport.

Thus, the digitalization strategy undertaken a few years ago responds to the objective of asserting itself as a resolutely modern brand in line with the demands of its customers.

To meet these objectives, we designed an innovative advertising campaign using videos broadcast on mobile and desktop to promote the new application and special Air France services.

Cross-device branding
in video.

Creative pre-roll and in-feed video formats on mobile and desktop were used to promote the new Air France application. These formats were made dynamic with optimization according to the video completion rate.

The campaign was particularly targeted at people over 30 years old who had read travel-related articles or visited an airport recently.


The results .

For this campaign, which was conducted with the agency KR Wavemaker, the following results were obtained:


Air France


KR Wavemaker