Polo .

The context .

On the occasion of the launch of its new Polo model, Volkswagen called on Adot and the Remind PHD agency to promote the advantages of this highly innovative car, which revisit its style and improve its technological baggage.

The campaign .


Joint creative work was carried out prior to the campaign during a Creative Kitchen. The Creative Kitchen sessions are collaborative workshops between the advertiser, the agency and the Adot studio, dedicated to the creation of innovative and personalised advertising experiences.

An enriched format was developed: the 3D + carousel format. The "3D Factory" device was set up on the interstitial, which makes it possible to create a 3D model of the product, to be able to observe it in 360° and thus discover all its characteristics.


Our strategic recommendation was to script the cross-device campaign in two phases, over a total duration of two months:

A first phase over 6 weeks to capture attention by combining reach and repetition with a pre-roll format.

A second phase over 2 weeks to boost visibility and work on target coverage with interstitial, halfpage and wideskyscraper formats. In addition, we established a retargeting strategy by targeting consumers exposed in the first phase.

Targeting and dissemination

In order to achieve the visibility and awareness objectives, we implemented anaudience planning strategy by activating 4 identified targets, in a premium broadcasting environment and thanks to the exclusive Veepee data:

1/ 25-34 Young urban connected

Internet users between 25 and 34 years old, visitors to sales of high-tech, design and fashion products, and connected objects, and also profiles that consult content related to fashion, lifestyle, new technologies, design and art.

2/ +50 years old CSP+.

Internet users over 50 who consult media content related to finance and business news.

3/ Moment of life / Moving

Visitors to sales related to furniture and DIY, who also consult media content whose keywords are related to the search for flats and houses, home furnishings, internet and electricity providers, and removal companies. And finally, visitors to furniture and kitchen retailers over the last 30 days. 

4/ Auto & City Guerrilla Intentionalists

Internet users identified on media content related to cars and urban vehicles.

The results .

Overall, the campaign reached 2.5M unique views with a good control of repetition: a user was exposed 3.6 times during the campaign.

71 %

overall visibility rate

5,02 %

Interstitial CTR


cost per view

Insights .

Following the campaign, Adot's Insights teams delivered an "Audience Profiling" to Volkswagen, which enables them to precisely define the typical profile of engaged internet users (age, gender, CSP), the product and brand categories that this audience favours, as well as their interests in terms of content. This study enables the brand's future communication campaigns to be adjusted and represents a real asset for addressing the target audience in the best possible way.




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